If anyone hasn’t read Erin Nicholas, now would be a super fabulous start to getting to know a writer with a wicked sense of humor, tantalizing penmanship, sinful fantasies and down to earth characters that stay with you for repeat readings!


“Finding Chris Evans” is a series of short stories created by some amazing writers letting their imagination give us readers charming love stories as Ellie Mittelstadt searches for her right Christ Evans…. as each Chris Evans finds his own perfect partner in life.

“Finding Chris Evans: the 911 Edition”, written by Erin Nicholas pioneers the search as Ellie contacts the first of the six Chris Evanses in the tiny town of Haralson, Minnesota over some muffins is a scene so Erin Nicholas.

But then Chris Evans AKA Captain America, the hot EMT and protector of all has his eyes only for another EMT Brittney McNemara and his beats only for her. As much as Chris is organized and cautious, Britt is carefree and scattered driving Chris nuts. But when Britt is hurt, then all caution and bets are off and he sets out to make Britt his own future.

Two passionate people, very much in tune with each other more than they realize, are very soon burning up the sheets and crossing the Friend Zone to a colorful Paint Ball field…. all boundaries crossed.

Short, hot, and sizzling, “Finding Chris Evans: The 911 Edition” has all emotions rolled into one charismatic read, and it’s worth every penny!


And here is the link to the prequel, where it all started….



Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.