I forgot what an entertaining writer Julie Garwood is!!!! She mixes the right doses of romance and thrill to make her books enjoyable and go back to them for seconds. I’ve always loved her Buchanan-Renard Series, my all time favorite is “Heartbreaker”, and did not realize how much I missed them. It was wonderful reading “Fast Track”, with lot of writing space for Reagan and Alec and Sophie and Jack to make their presence felt.

Cordelia is raised by her father and turns out to be a sweet and successful lady teaching chemistry and involved in a whole bunch of other activities. The death of her father brings to light the truth behind her mother’s supposed death leading to a threat on her life.

FastTrack-JulieGarwood-July2014Aiden Hamilton owns the Hamilton chain of hotels and is Reagan’s brother. Arrogant and bossy, he gets involved in Cordie’s family drama. The danger plaguing Cordelia raises his protective instincts and literally jails her in his penthouse after an attempt on her life that could have proved fatal.

The banter among all is fun to read, it was charming to see how life was treating the married couples. Aiden and Cordelia finally get into each other and obviously end up together. More than any character development, the story was just a nice read of romance and suspense. The unconditional love and support among the friends was a treat to read.

Witty dialogues, charming relationships, intense romance and a twist of mystery and danger, make “Fast Track” a good and enjoyable read.

Received a copy courtesy Netgalley for an honest review.