Braving Hurt And Pain

Womb To Home A Gain

Trading Sleep For Dark Smudges

Salon to Ponytail She Budges

Swapping Purses For Baby Bags

Strollers And Car Seats In Tags

Long Baths To Quick Showers

Late Binges None Afterhours…


With Tenderness And Love

Nurture And Patience Above

Pitter Patter To Puppy Love

Forgiving And Understanding

Teenage Hormones Outstanding

Thoughtful And Insightful

Supportive And Delightful

As A Friend Is Rightful…


Rich And Strong As Blood

Straight And True As Spine

Respect And Honor Deserving

Strength And Integrity Preserving

A Place None Can Take

A Title None Can Shake

Mother – A True Embodiment Of Beauty!

Copyrighted: Alima Kanumilli

May 08, 2016