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Woke I To Stunning Discovery

Married To The Same Guy

Twenty-Five Years ‘n Still Tied

Shake My Head In Wonder…IMG_1627


Unwritten Journey It Was

Fears, Insecurities ‘n Hardships

Fights, Sulks and Bumps

Losses, Bruises ‘n Pain…

Love Notes And Kisses

Memories, Children ‘n Hard Work

Agreeing To Disagree Always

With His OCD ‘n My Annoyance…

Twenty-Five Years Going

Man Brings The Laughs Big


Love In Abundance n’ Bounty

Charms ‘n Goodies Is IIMG_1628


Twenty-Five ‘n Silver

Lived n’ Loved, Trusted ‘n Lost

Mistakes Galore Hurt Plentiful

We’ve Learned ‘n Endured

Together Strong Now And Forever!

Happy 25th to the husband who loves more…and wishing more years with the wife who forgives!!!

As A Daughter Who serves

And A Wife Who Nurtures

As A Mother Who Bears

And A Sister Who Shares

Or A Friend Who Cares


Clothed In Dignity And Strength

Endurance And Tolerance In Length

Patience And Perseverance In Clock

Compassion And Indulgence A Rock


Putting Love Into Hugs And Kisses

Kindness Into Actions Not To Miss

A Picture Of Poise And Lace

A Lady Of Calm And Grace


Many A Good Women

We Know Them

May We Be Them

May We Raise Them

And May We Celebrate Them!

Ode To A Lady

Yonder And Beyond

Memories Far Bond

From Childhood To Adult

Remembrances Exult.

She Cuddles And Snuggles

Brings Chocolate And Chuckles

Walked Me To School

With Annoyance And Rule.

A Woman She Became

With Fire And Flame

A Daughter And A Sister

Pseudo Doctor Is A Twister.

A Wife And A Friend

A Confidant To Depend

Endurance Is Thy Name

Patience Is Her Aim.

Unjust Is Life

Sadness Is Rife

Sparkles But In Eye

Zeal And Zest So High.

Fulfillment Is Every Step

Conquers World In Hep

Ming Dynasty Her Claim

Experiments All To Shame

Abundance Of Love

Fills Heart As A Glove

Words Fall Short

Holds She The Court.

Elegant And Noble

Lady Of The Global

Footprints She Leaves

Family She Believes.

Dedicated to Aravinda Makineni – An amazing and classy lady who charms her way into hearts, and I’ve the honor of being related to her – a force to reckon and an inspiration to all.

Copyrighted: Alima Kanumilli, February 18, 2015

Time is one fact of life that moves, at its own pace. Neither does it wait for anyone, nor does it stop for anything. But it definitely leaves memories, and it sure leaves shadows that play a pivotal role as we move forward with our lives. Some memories stay with us in vivid Technicolor and some shadows fade to distant memories. As time passes, some memories make us feel sad yet happy, and bring a smile after years, comforting and warm in its wake.


It’s exactly twenty five years today, my father gave up his battle to gall bladder cancer. It was sudden, short and painful! For a person who never travelled and being a homebody, dying in the United States was an irony in itself. And as I inch closer to another year and seem to get closer to my parents age in that time, it just sounds so surreal! My whole life flashes in a kaleidoscope of images and those memories hiding in shadows, come to light with my heart missing so many things and feelings of having lost so much.

What really stayed with me as he was breathing his last was his smile mixed with sadness on seeing us. His eyes filled with content, yet with regret that he will not be there to see his daughters make successful lives. And the utter resignation that he’ll not be there anymore as a father to his daughters or a part of their married life or a grandfather. But above all is the immense love he had for his family, shining in his eyes and the satisfaction that his family was in good hands in the future.

My early memories of him and up until his last breath are of a happy, always smiling, hardworking Dad. Born with a silver spoon, he was not spared from the ups and downs of life and circumstances. He can crack some mean jokes and his laughter is one of the most wonderful memories I have. Like a typical Indian Dad of many years ago, business kept him busy with my Mother being the amazing homemaker. Yet, he never missed what was happening in our lives. He was proud of our achievements and every small milestone. He may have not helped us with homework and school projects, but he made sure to talk with us before going to bed. He may have had arguments with my mother, yet he always made sure that it was a part of life. In his own quiet way, he made sure we were raised with morals and ethics, kind and good hearted.


I still remember his shocked expression when he realized his daughters have reached puberty, and his utter surprise that his babies have matured into young adults. Yet, he never missed bringing chocolates or waking us late in the night to share a candy bar or just chats with us. As I matured with my own family and children, I miss him more now than ever. I miss him when I see my husband spending time with our daughters. I miss him when I hear my daughters talking with my in-laws, and I miss him more and more and it actually scares me as I age every year and as my daughters enter adulthood.

Nothing can replace the feeling of losing a father, and no one can replace the empty space left by a father. I am grateful for every moment of love and support that helped me come this far in life, and that love and support still continues. I am forever grateful for being part of a close-knit family and I sure hope my children will have the same love and support.

I just hope my Daddy knows that we have done well, are doing well and have weathered some strong storms. And I sure hope he knows that he’s missed a lot, yet have left a treasure trove of memories for his family, and I hope that wherever he is, he’s happy and content knowing his family is happy and content.

Eulogy 2014

As another year gets ready to write it’s final lines of its existence, leaving behind memories of pain and loss, of gain and recovery, of mistakes and hurt, I’ve learned to embrace the small blessings bestowed on me, of the tiny pleasures of daily life, and the sweet smiles of loved ones, of the helping hands and the constants in life; grateful, appreciative and thankful!

This year has been a steady flow of mending fences, bringing sanity to minds, re-laying foundation for fledglings and re-evaluating selves. I’ve re-connected with a childhood passion of reading and writing that took me through a doorway into a whole new world; a world that gave me immense personal satisfaction and brought me in touch with some charming and beautiful personalities. And these very personalities and creative artists have decorated my life with their charisma and friendship.

I may have mentioned several times, and will continue to do so; to me love is a journey of the good with the bad, the pain with the cure, and the ups with the downs, going forward and together. And my mate indeed made his presence known stronger than concrete and reclaimed the crown of my eternal soul mate! He has been a bull with a goal to solidify the foundation and single-mindedly went about it. With his many quirks, patience and understanding, he’s managed to keep his sassy, charming, beautiful gem of a wife right next to him ;).

My daughters have blossomed into two amazing human beings, who have made me proud and I shall always be eternally grateful for their presence in my life. With their typical teenage oddities, many idiosyncrasies, non-stop questions about life and their fanatical obsession with One Direction, they keep us entertained, muddled, annoyed and rooted!!! And lots of times I wonder with my husband, how a dysfunctional couple like us have managed to parent these two charming daughters.

No trades offered for them!!!! J

And now, here I’m again, a couple of years later, more than half way down on this wonderful path called my life, reminiscing some could haves and should haves, yet not regretting things that have happened and have learned not to confuse sadness with any regrets. A different person, hopefully a better person, and with a wish to pass on some warmth, empathy and compassion where it is needed, I hope to be there for the people in need.

My belief that things happen for a reason, and with life throwing its usual curve balls, choices will be made, futures may be different, journey will be destined and fate will take us on a ride that already has been decided……as always. We are just players on the stage of that life, and we are entitled to all the surprises that come our way. And I’ve realized that sometimes not everyone can be a part of my journey, and that only a few would be with me until the very end.

As my family and I enter another New Year with new dreams and aspirations, I thank the year gone by for its priceless lessons and bountiful blessings. As I welcome the New Year with renewed hope and faith, I draw strength and courage from my wonderful husband and my daughters, and my extended family, as they constantly remind me of their unconditional support and love.

My family to yours, here’s wishing everyone a safe and healthy New Year, and hoping that the new year brings more joys than sorrows, and more happiness than sadness, painting the walls of your life, with some priceless memories.

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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