And the burn continues……fangs sink into flesh…..control and lust at its ultimate……blood humming in the veins…..explosive and hot!! 

Cynthia Eden’s latest release, “Once Bitten Twice Burned” in her Phoenix Fire Series, sure fanned my flames of paranormal interest and the uncontrollable urge to read and read more. Ryder and Sabine turned out to be such intense and mesmerizing characters, their story sizzled with passion and chemistry.Image

How can the coming together of a Vampire and a Phoenix not entertain us to the fullest? Meeting as experiments in the crazy Wyatt’s laboratory Genesis, Sabine gets thrown into Ryder’s cell as his meal! And amidst the bloodthirsty lust of a vampire and the burning desire of a phoenix in transition, Ryder and Sabine try to beat all odds to survive Wyatt’s super crazy experiments as he tries to build the ultimate fighting soldier. I so fell in love with Ryder and Sabine – so full of betrayal and pain, old hurt and memories, trying to accept their new regeneration. Along with mind-blowing satisfaction, their sadness and hurt was so palpable. And yes people even paranormals have a heart and feelings!

Like I had mentioned in my previous article, Cynthia’s paranormal books were my first introduction to “Paranormal 101’. I’ve never read an author, whose books narrate a story with such intensity and authority in the words, lust and passion in action, control and power in dominance and have never looked back! What really amazes me to no end is her depth of creativity. Her stories are imaginations of urban fantasies with the existence of paranormal in our daily lives. Her in depth research and her amazing ability to come with such fascinating fiction is no tall order. I sure would like to get into her brain for one day!

ImageThe “Phoenix Fire Series” should be read in sequence (in my opinion) to follow the storyline and characters. Her first book in this series, “Burn For Me” introduces us to Genesis and Richard Wyatt, his subject 13 aka Cain O’Conner and Eve Bradley. I was fascinated with Cain and his character, as much as I was totally flabbergasted with Wyatt’s history and his crazy experiments.

With the first two books, it looks like the destruction and Genesis has been controlled, but who knows what more can happen in this crazy world of paranormal as Dante and his Cassandra try to come to grips with each other. Now this is another story for another time.

Regeneration and not rebirth! Love her books!!

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