A first time read of a new author, Sundar Nathan, and Hindu mythology as the genre, can be interesting. Growing up on innumerable mythological stories, and our greatest epics to date, Ramayana and Mahabharata, “Prince Of Naraka” can be an enthralling read to people who find this genre absorbing and would like to know more of Hindu mythology.

As much as I loved coming across the names of various Gods and mythological creatures that I grew up reading in my childhood, the first book in the series is pretty lengthy for me. Sundar Nathan has grandiose imagination and his fascination for fantasy is an admirable trait as a writer,  and as a first time author has done an adequate narration, but I definitely would have preferred a reasonable length for his first introductory book in the series, for the readers to get used to the characters and the plot line of the story.

For a first time author, it is a decent start. It takes courage and perseverance to become an author and for that he gets my accolades.

For diverse and interested readers, a word of caution that this is a continuing plot line to be followed in future books in the series, and this story does have a lot of Indian dialect and vocabulary.