Book 4 in ‘The Oil Barons Series” is another heartfelt romance as the best angel with broken wings meets her guardian, savior and her salvation.


World-class surgeon Dan Newman falls hard for the Texas beauty Gayla Levine in Ann Jacob’s “Rescuing An Angel”. Dan overcomes a crippling trauma and puts his energy in saving and giving a new lease of life to the broken and true to his nature, he literally steamrolls into Gayla to be her savior and partner.

Gayla Levine has been to the ends of the earth and back, struggling with a relationship broken, dreams unfulfilled and a father who disowns her. Yet she fights hard to make a career out of her broken dreams, helps people build their strength and confidence, and all the time she draws her courage from the support and love of Dan.

This is truly an emotional story of a fallen angel, building her identity, trying to mend bridges with little hope and struggling to accept that true love does exit and it can be unconditional. I like Ann Jacobs more and more, as I read her books more often. She’s given Dan and Gayla strong personalities and their characterization is true to form. It’s wonderful to visit with characters from her previous books.

Received an ARC from Beyond The Page Publishing from NetGalley for an honest review.