As I was running errands this morning, and was having my usual conversation with my car, (What??!!!….normal people don’t do that???!!!!), was reminiscing my life and suddenly realized how similar our lives are….she is old and no extended warranty left, and so am I, old and don’t come with warranties; she logged a lot of mileage and so did I; she has been nicked and scratched, and so was I; she has been bruised and battered and so was I; she has been through life’s ups and down, and so was I and still am; she has become expensive to take care of and I am headed that route ;-); she was a part of me as I gave birth to two beautiful brats and she still stands rock solid as she takes care of them; she is beautiful and so me not (checking to see if anyone is really reading this ;-)); yet, never ever for a moment, did I feel that she could not be trusted or cannot be relied upon as my partner on the road for the past innumerable years, she has been with me. In fact my hubby dearest probably trusts me more with her than with anyone/anything else :-). And I suddenly realized how many people depended and trusted me in one way or the other. The simile of our lives gave me a warm feeling of security, dependability and  a sense of fierce loyalty to those who are my family and to those who have become my family as we chugged on with our lives. I just feel blessed and privileged that I am where I am with a lot of support and love from some amazing species on this planet!

Live and let live has always been my motto in life. Take life as it comes along, the more you question, the more maze it becomes. I, for one am going with the flow of life, on a ride of a lifetime along with my partners in crime….and there is plenty of room if anyone wishes to join me 🙂