I wanted to share my thoughts on the year 2011 gone by…..it has been an eye opener of a year! This was already posted on FB Timeline, at the end of the year.
Gosh! Where do I start and where do I end! Thinking of the Year 2011, brings forth so many emotions of pain, helplessness, fear and joy! The racing of my heart and that river of pain threatening to brim over, even as I am penning my thoughts, is the sole witness to the roller coaster ride of a life.
As I took that first step forward into a new page of life, it has being a journey of bumps filled with support, love and new relations. I had always wondered when I hear people say that “Rishte khoon se nahi, dil se bante hai”.  I finally was a witness to this very old, classic adage, and it had reaffirmed my faith in relations anew. I had made so many new friends on FB, who have become so very dear to me, and have kept my sanity intact. I am forever grateful for their insane discussions in the midst of sanity 😉
Yet….a shadow always seem to lurk in my peripheral vision, and the past seems to linger on like a spice that clings to your clothes, a constant reminder of a time I want to forget and memories that make me weak. And I hated and still do, these moments of weakness, even as I revert to my positive attitude. Then like a knight in shining armor, affirming that “blood is thicker than water”, my family, championed by my warrior husband, I felt that support system spreading its limbs around me, cocooning me in its warmth and assuring me, strengthening me, so they do not fall apart… and I realized that I was their trunk and had to hold on to the roots.
Realization hit me right in the eye, that I am truly a destiny’s child to have been blessed with a second chance at life, a life with my family and new friends; new friends who stood by me unconditionally and unknowingly!  Relations lost were never meant for me anyways, it was time to let go completely with your heart and soul and no regrets whatsoever.
I want to take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart, all my family and friends who have stood right next to me, knowingly or unknowingly, because without you, Alima would not have being what she is now, strong and smiling!  And I have learnt to treasure every feeling, every gesture, every thought and every person unconditionally. I am grateful,  for my mind is clear and clean of any regrets and I still believe in my tag line “live and let live” J  and I pay tribute to every one of those hundreds and thousands of daffodils who have touched my soul….
Here’s raising a toast to a great year ahead filled with renewed hope and dreams! Wishing the very best to every single person who had touched my heart.