Valentines Day!

Though I personally feel that it had become commercialized beyond repair, I love the thoughts associated with it. We tend to mold ourselves to act/be the person, an occasion requires and I always wondered, why can’t we have these feelings of love, empathy and patience all through the year. Why do people smile more during the holidays; why do people seem to be more giving during the holidays; why is it a big deal if people want to celebrate various occasions outside the four walls of a so called event…..have we become robots, our minds programed to do things a certain way with no feelings or with no emotions attached? And I for one can’t answer for others!

As for me, I always believed that love comes from the heart and it has to be spontaneous! I still believe that a smile goes a long way, even if it is a stranger, and a good deed always fills my heart with happiness.

Today, my heartiest wishes of love and happiness, is being passed to all those who are far away from their loved ones, either by choice or circumstances. Keep that smile on your lips and empathy in your hearts, and the world will always be a little bit more better to live 🙂

Oops!!! Did not realize my ramblings are becoming a mile long…so shall leave with one of my best beliefs:

“I get the best feeling in the world when you say hello or even smile at me because, I know even for just that one moment or second, that I’ve crossed your mind :-)”

Try it, no set up cost involved ;-)….

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

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