A dream beautiful had I,
A desire to fulfill, crave I
A life simple, want I….
A journey begin new, a home in country new,
Hours of hard work, into the night mature,
Sacrifices beyond might, came a dream in sight…
A dream of love, with a soul mate lure,
A promise of tomorrow, of wishes small in flight,
A bed of wedded bliss, with a family in view..
Shattering came the dream, million pieces breaking
Trust betrayed, willful acts playing…
Heart filled with despair, eyes brimming in hurt,
A raging war within, mind in anguish
Of fair ‘n foul, of right ‘n wrong
A tempest so harsh, morals in defiance….
Went by time…
Soothing the heart weak
A balm on the dreams bleak
Calming the soul meek…
Went by time…came a Messiah beacon,
Hand in support strong, I hold,
Word in kind concern, I hear,
Act of trust, I learn to believe, 
Path of faith, I learn to walk,
A deed of love, I trust to accept.
An impeding ray of light I see,
Breaking thru’ the stormy clouds thee
Erasing the gloom, sunshine in the loom
From ashes, rises hope in bloom…
Of freedom anew, my right I shall claim
A dream beautiful, now have I,
A life simple, a desire fulfilled thy.
~Alima Kanumilli~
Copyrighted February 18, 2012