As I watched my daughters have their dinner, making conversation about different kinds of food, it suddenly hit me, the similarities between the variety of food and the variety of our life……and bang went my mind into overdrive as thoughts race ahead with all the similes…..
Food….life; life…food and yes my wheels started turning…furiously! How similar is our life to the variety of food we eat? There is food that is to be tasted, food that is swallowed and food that is chewed and relished.
Just think about it….it starts with that first taste or the first bite. Similar to us being thrown into the beginning of life, the first breath, the first cry, the first taste or the first touch. Our very own initiation of ourselves, into the recipe called life. As we progress on our journey, we learn to swallow the bitterness, disappointments, regrets or any other curve ball that life throws out at us….interesting isn’t it? Exactly like how we have various foods that we tend to swallow! And there are those parts of our lives, where we take time to nurture and enjoy them, moment by moment….we savor them and make memories to last a lifetime….just like we take time to enjoy the delicious food bite by bite…..relishing every spice and taste, our tongue dishes out.
Variety adds spice to life, don’t you think so…..literally and figuratively ;-)….a wonderful palette of nuances of tastes as we go along in our journey called life.
Just remember, we eat to live and not live to eat….be healthy 😉