Into the world I came
Innocent I of the game
Cradled in the arms of dame
High on shoulders of name…
Learn thru eyes secure
Blossom in love assure,
Tree of memories galore
Remember I amore.
Into new page, step I crowned
 Hand in hand, soul mate found
Eyes sparkling, dreams abound
Relations anew, journey wound
Note by note, lyric by lyric,
Song of life on the hymn.
Into the abyss, I spiraled
Mind bleeding, soul shatter
Body crumbling like no matter
Heart in million pieces scatter
Friends into thin air vanish
Relations in question tarnish…..
Beacon of light in the horizon
Oasis of hope in the vision
Yet, shadows of the past,
Haunt me to the ghast
Soul tired, breathes its last!
~Alima Kanumilli~
Copyrighted February 23, 2012