The first whiff of Roxanne St. Claire was through the “Guardian Angelinos Series” and The Bullet Catcher Series”. Gripping storyline, tight writing as a foundation, the characters were lively and warm. Saving the world and keeping the women in their lives right next to them is what they do everyday. Add in spicy romance, sprinkles of forgiveness and a dose of family support and love, these are great series that will not disappoint you.Image

Gosh!!!! Can’t get over these “Alpha Males” and Lucy Thorpe is one ass kicking boss of the Bullet Catchers!!!! Her story is one of my all time favorites.  I have to admit, I had gone back to these books more than once and I continue to do so (incurable addiction), not bored for a second even after the repeated reading.   Image

With the suspense and thrill riding one end of a wave, Roxanne’s Barefoot Series on the other end, are a delicious blend of romance and fairytale endings. Throw in a few sexy billionaires in Barefoot Bay, we have  “Secrets On The Sand“, “Seduction On The Sand” and “Scandal On The Sand”, and all the trimmings of a firecracker of love stories as the “Billionaires Of Barefoot Bay” get hitched to the women of their dreams.

ImageI never had so much fun reading the first two and waiting for to get himself buried deep in the scandal of his love! Love these billionaire  “Niners”!!!!!!

Have fun reading and do share your thoughts 🙂

Pics courtesy: Roxanne St. Claire FB page