“What’s past is prologue.” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest

A prologue that had Declan and Leah get them embroiled in their own tempest of feelings and emotions.

The second book in the “Ready Series” from J.L.Berg is a whirlwind story of the arrogant Declan, and the sassy Leah. Declan, the cocky actor/director/producer finally meets his match in the spitfire of a firecraker and a darling nurse, Leah.

I have read J.L.Berg’s first book “When You Are Ready” and totally loved it. She set her standards high and sure enough her second book was a great combination of love tested, feelings explored, past revisited and went beyond my expectations. If her first book was a calm read as Logan and Clare journeyed into their happily ever after, “Never Been Ready” is a vortex of fast paced, roller coaster ride for Declan and Leah.

ImageSeveral times during the story, I caught myself catching my breath just so I can catch up with the feelings between Declan and Leah. The story was tastefully narrated and I so loved the humor between these two. The tongue in cheek teasing between Declan and Leah was refreshing and had me chuckling a lot.

Dialogue between best friends Leah and Clare tug at your heartstrings and so does the self-talk Declan has for staying away from Logan. As Leah tries to overcome her hurtful past that spills into her present, and Declan tries to come to terms with his past that blows up in his present face, “Never Been Ready” is one book not to be missed.

Thanks Jennifer for giving me an opportunity to read such a lovely story and I hope to be ready for your next installment J.

Pic courtesy: J.L.Berg FB page