How can the title not be motivation enough to read what this “Love Chocolate and Beer” is all about? When I saw the book cover, I was completely bowled over. It had an aura of serenity, romance and love between the models, and the chemistry oozing out of the cover could not be ignored. It was one of the most delicious book covers I have seen making me tingle all over!

I have never read Violet Duke, although I had her on my list of ‘to be read’ eventually. But a post from Carly Phillips and one look at the book cover changed my mind. Oh my!!! What a fabulous book it turned out to be!!! I am so glad to have acted on my instinct and what a wonderful, wonderful story it is J .This is going to go down as one of my top favorite books, a special place in my library.

Let me tell you, I was up until 4 am to finish reading the book and it took me quite a while to write about it – my feelings were all over the place and boy did I shed tears!!!!  Luke and Danica are such beautiful people to fall in love with – so perfectly imperfect.  Image

Luke is a darling of a romantic chocolatier and his character is so very well developed. He’s hardworking, loves his parents and a great brother to Quinn, and even in the most trying of circumstances, he really could think clearly (almost all the time); such a sweet truffle of a person – warm, gooey and delectable. Dani is a super sweet aroma running a brewpub, floating in the various layers of anger, guilt, loyalty and a killer of a grin and smile shaking Luke to the core.

I loved the way the story unfolded and I did not skip one word! Violet really spent a hell of a time developing these characters to a T. Their journey of sparring with each other over chocolate and beer, finding a balance between the sweet and fizzy, dealing with their past hurt and guilt, it was one delicious ride. The last two chapters had me shed many a tear, and that tells how eloquently Violet was able to piece each emotion by emotion in words that jumped right at you and your heart is crying right along with Dani and Luke.

The supporting cast of her brother Derek and his partner Jonathan, Quinn and Rylan, and her amazing friend Xoey, were a heady mix of important ingredients in the whole equation along with Luke’s parents. I could not help falling in love with Cactus Creek and even Noah got into my good books.

I want to say a lot more, but even as I write this piece, my emotions are going awry, again. So I will let my fellow readers read for themselves and am sure they would get to ‘tastegasm’ once they taste the love “beerified” between chocolate and beer.

Can’t wait to spend time with Lia and Hudson as they find love between ‘Sidebars and Armbars” in Violet’s next installment.

Pic courtesy: Author Violet Duke FB page