As we go through the dramatics of our lives, as we deal with the various human-made hang-ups and as we try to keep up with pre-conceived notions, it’s good to remember that a partnership is a two way street.

Personally, being a Valentine is not about falling over each other at supermarkets to get those perfect roses, or those hours of surfing the web to get the perfect jewelry or the pressure of making sure you’ve got the reservations at that perfect restaurant. Showing love is not supposed to be stressful, heart attack inducing and pee in the pants experience!

For me a Valentine is about listening to your partner, leaving love notes occasionally, coming home to a dinner already cooked, linking hands and talking nonsense, warm hugs thrown in generously, small things done around the home without being talked about, stolen kisses and cheeky pecks, and most importantly, laughter in lives….daily lives….now that would be a Valentine Day everyday.

I don’t say it often or show as much as is required (not sure who set the standards) 😉 – my kinda Valentine tries to intrude into my world of silence as if he owns it, competes for attention with my countless books, rattles on about the stupidity of romance, tries to keep up with me via social forums, sings off key in the shower and in the car driving us nuts, believes in spontaneity and doing things from the heart, carries serious conversations with our teenagers from sports to boyfriends to condoms… and is absolutely not governed by occasions or dates…..and I (try to) stride along with all the annoyance and indulgence of a woman in love….

Thank you Sai, for being my lifelong Valentine…….for giving me an album of memories to last a lifetime…….and for just being you……putting up with my quirks and whims (not that I have any)….

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!


 PS: I still haven’t received any flowers or jewelry or chocolate…the end tables need to be assembled….laundry needs to be put away……the tap is leaking in the bathroom…….just kidding!!!!!