I came across Kat Martin and her “Raines Series” quite by accident and a worthy accident it was. Besides the three Raines brothers, Jackson, Gabriel and Dev, the series also revolves around the whole group of private investigators and the women who give a good run for their love, egos and protectiveness. With stories of murder, love, loyalty and support, each one of them was a superlative ride of thrill and suspense.Image

The Raines Series transcends into the “Against Series” with the Brodies making their presence felt. Related to Ty Brodie from “Against The Mark”, I am looking forward to getting acquainted with Dylan, Nick and Rafe. Kat’s writing is an art of expression that keeps us on the edge of our seats. As much as the stories have the premise of suspense and thrill, each is as different as chalk and cheese. Not one story did I feel repetitious or had an urge skip.

Besides her Raines Series, I have a special fondness for her “Hunted Trilogy” Her “The Silent Rose” was one of my all time favorites. Even after knowing the suspense, I still enjoyed re-reading, more than twice. This book was a surprise read that had me completely captivated and mesmerized. With a surprise element of paranormal and the presence of a vengeful ghost, this book had me rooted to my couch until I read “The End”.  In fact this story was based on real life events and was well worthy a read.

ImageJonathan Stafford and Devon James are such likeable characters with their painful pasts, and they come together as they take care of each other through their insecurities and fears. Despite the bizarre events, the story had an edge of calm and serenity about it. Despite the presence of the paranormal element, the chemistry between Devon and Jonathan was so very well etched and their characters were written to perfection.

Kat Martin is a thrilling read all the way! Check out her website and she’s got a lot more books under her belt.