“I Wanna Shelter You…But With The Beast Inside, There’s Nowhere To Hide, When You Feel My Heat, Look Into My Eyes…It’s Where My Demons Hide…..”  

“Don’t Get Too Close…..It’s Where My Demons Hide…”Imagine Dragons”

That is what Drake represents! And the cover of Cynthia’s fourth book in the “Mine Series”, is an amazing blend of passion, despair and possessiveness. I‘ve always had a soft spot for Drake…the quite and the mysterious one, but with deadly execution…whether he was protecting Skye or thinking that Noah has gone bonkers falling in love with Claire.

Despite Noah, Logan and Drake being friends in mercenary, Drake had a history more deep than the other two. He was the one too close to his nightmare aka Anna Jean. He was more emotionally connected to Anna Jean and the betrayal is more vested and painful. His possessiveness, total disregard for his life over Jasmine’s breath, and his sacrifice – loved Drake to the soul. The bad with the good, the demon with a heart to do the right thing and stand by unconditionally, one of the best characters I had the pleasure of reading.Image

Jasmine was a total surprise package of vulnerability and courage. Her background and what she had become was totally kick-ass and I was so charmed by her – thanks Cynthia for etching Jasmine’s character so well. I’ve always being a sucker for any woman who rises beyond trauma, with sheer determination and positivity to create a niche in this world.  Overcoming her traumatic childhood, with a hope of finding the missing pieces of her family, Jasmine was just perfect.

“Your Eyes Shine So Bright, I Wanna Save That Light, I Can’t Escape This Now, Unless You Show Me How….” Imagine Dragons

The common background that connected Jasmine and Noah was an emotional read. The history between Jasmine, Victor and Saxon pulls at your heartstrings as much as Victor’s despair that Jasmine loves the dangerous Drake than a plain safe accountant or a doctor tickles your funny bone. The bond between them is something that you’d wish you had it too.

My recommendation is to read the first three – ‘Mine To Take’, ‘Mine To Keep’, ‘Mine To Hold’, and before long you would ‘CRAVE’ for Drake and the flow of the stories would be easy to love and enjoy. I hope Cynthia Eden gives Victor some much needed sleepless nights and company to chase those nightmares away 😉Image

You can check Cynthia Eden’s other amazing works on her website: http://www.cynthiaeden.com/