Imagine this – waking up in your car, feeling icy water under your feet, sight foggy through your windshield, brain hazy with thoughts and a big black hole for your memory.

This is the opening scene in Melinda Leigh’s latest novel, “She Can Hide”. Now how can I put this book down with such a resounding opening, as I was imagining myself in that drowning car!

Abby Foster finds herself fighting for her life in the chilling waters of a Pennsylvania winter. Everyone has a past. But some have a past that chases them to a far off land to start fresh and make a semblance of a decent life. Working as a high school teacher, Abby just wants to live a quite life and forget her traumatic past – a past that had her locked down in a dry well for days before she was rescued.

ImageA past that she is not willing to share even with Officer Ethan Hale. As Ethan struggles to put together Abby’s past amidst their rising passion and love, the killer is very busy assimilating dead bodies. With trust on precarious grounds, Ethan and Abby support each other to piece the mystery behind Abby’s attempt on life.

The connecting story between Abby’s past and her present, a background of betrayals and secrets, shady and dark dealings trying to get on legitimate grounds, jealousy and rage riding the subplot, “She Can Hide” is a roller-coaster of thrills and surprises. 

Melinda Leigh has a knack for writing racy thrillers and chilling suspense, and I love the way she works subplots, and the connection to the main story is never dull, keeping the element of surprise. From her first book, “She Can Run”, every story was as different as chalk and cheese, with equal elements of excitement, shivers, obsession, lust and an adrenaline rush to the finish line.

Never a dull moment!

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