Up for some racy, heart stopping, blood pounding books? Try Reece’s “Last Chance Series”. She and her LCR operatives have become one of my top favorites! I read some of these books out of sequence, and that still worked out great for me and each one of them is good as a standalone. But let me tell you, if you read them out of sequence, you will be an “Adam in the garden of LCR”, craving to have a bite of the previous story J

ImageI divide the series into three parts for my own personal satisfaction – Four books in “Chances” – ‘Last Chance’, ‘Second Chance’, ‘No Chance’ and ‘Chances Are’. Then comes the “Me” series of ‘Return To Me’, ‘Run To Me’ and ‘Rescue Me’. The last part is the “Sweet Series” of ‘Sweet Revenge’, ‘Sweet Reward’ and ‘Sweet Justice’.

My favorite of the series is McKenna and Luke’s story “Last Chance”. Maybe because that was my first book and was so enthralled by Christy’s writing, her cliff hanging narration, and her attention to detail. A Paris agency “Last Chance Rescue” founded by Noah McCall for the purpose of finding missing people, helping high-profile government and private missions, is the backdrop for this series. And I absolutely adore Noah from his tough exterior to his super soft heart, always filled with concern and love for his alpha agents.Image

And the agents!! By God!!! Sinfully delicious!!!! They are a breed apart!!!!! Each one of them have endured ghosts of tortured pasts, have lost and gained both personally and professionally, are inter-connected to each other either through their past or present. Each one of them had a story to tell, and each one of those stories is filled with pain, betrayal, loss and love.

Christy penned each story with great passion and love. She really sketched each character so different with much depth and understanding. As much as I say McKenna and Lucas are my favorites, the rest of the LCRs, Noah and Samara, Skylar and Gabe, Jordan and Eden, Keeley and Cole, Dylan and Jamie, Jared and Mia, Ethan and Shea, Honor and Seth, and let’s not forget Angela and Jack, easily mesmerize you and take over your heart. Every story brought a lump to my throat and a twist to my gut. And every story took me through the emotions and actions of their lives literally and figuratively longing for them to have their very own happily ever after.

ImageChristy Reece sure knows how to keep her readers on the edge of a cliff and she is one writer whose stories ooze fire, lust, vigor and a frenzy of emotions and action salivating for more. 

One of my super special top favorite authors!!!

She’s got new adrenaline pumping stories coming out…

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