Today is the birthday of one of my top favorite writers – Bella Andre 🙂



Queen of the Novella,

What we wouldn’t do

Just To Be With You,

Amazing stories she writes,

Can’t Help Falling In Love,

Lucy Kevin or Bella Andre

Always On My Mind.

Sweet and lovely she is

Carries The Look Of Love,

Compete we for attention,

With her family and friends

Let Me Be The One to say

We are a tenacious group,

It Must Be Your Love for us

You let us Come A Little Bit Closer,

Indulgent glance her husband gives

If You Were Mine, l Only Have Eyes For You,

Willing is he to share with her fans,

Cake and the cherry on the top he gets,

Kissing Under The Mistletoe is his right

He is laughing all the way to the party!

From This Moment On…..and for a long time since

We love you Bella for sharing yourself with your readers.


Happy Birthday and wishing you a super great day filled with lots of love and happiness