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Bella Andre is no stranger to millions of readers, and her Sullivan Series is one of the most touted in the world. Melissa Foster is an amazing writer and she’s got the infamous Bradens on her side, weaving love stories around them that leaves her readers wanting for more….

And what happens when Bella Andre and Melissa Foster gang up together…we get an orgasmic mix of romance and fun, throw in the sexy new family on the block, The Rockwells and we are all set for some steamy passion and melting emotions that rock Cape Cod!!!!


In Bella Andre’s words:

“I have SUPER EXCITING NEWS to share — I’m co-writing a brand new contemporary romance series with Melissa Foster!!! Melissa is an amazing, NYT bestselling author, and we’re having the best time ever writing these emotional, fun and sexy books about the Rockwell family set in Cape Cod.

The first book, ‘CAPE COD KISSES’, will be released May 6th. We can’t wait for you to read it! And we’d so appreciate it if you could please share this post with your romance reading friends.

Melissa Foster says:

I’m thrilled to announce my writing partnership with the AMAZING and TALENTED Bella Andre and to bring you our NEW co-written contemporary romance series, LOVE ON ROCKWELL ISLAND! Bella is an incredible writer and a joy to work with, and I know you’ll adore our sexy new series!

Fall in love on Rockwell Island…Sink your toes into the sandy beaches at the heart of Cape Cod Bay, where family comes first, good friends are around every corner, and true love is waiting beneath the stars.


CAPE COD KISSES (Love on Rockwell Island, Book 1) by Bella Andre & Melissa Foster — coming May 6, 2015
iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/…/book/cape-cod-kisses/id962957952…
Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/cape-cod-kisses…/1121287246…
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/…/cape-cod-kisses-love-on-rockw…
Google: https://play.google.com/…/Bella_Andre_Cape_Cod_Kisses_Love_…

(NOTE FROM BELLA: Kindle, Nook and Paperback links are coming soon!)

CAPE COD PROMISES (Love on Rockwell Island, Book 2) by Bella Andre & Melissa Foster — coming July 8, 2015
iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/…/b…/cape-cod-promises/id962957635…
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/…/cape-cod-promises-love-on-roc…
Google: https://play.google.com/…/Bella_Andre_Cape_Cod_Promises_Lov…

(NOTE FROM BELLA: Kindle, Nook and Paperback links are coming soon!)

CAPE COD DREAMS (Love on Rockwell Island, Book 3) by Bella Andre & Melissa Foster — coming November 11, 2015
iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/…/book/cape-cod-dreams/id962957355…
Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/…/cape-cod-dreams-love-on-rockw…
Google: https://play.google.com/…/Bella_Andre_Cape_Cod_Dreams_Love_…

(NOTE FROM BELLA: Kindle, Nook and Paperback links are coming soon!)

Mark your calendars to enjoy the Rockwells this year!!!!

Bella Andre is one of my super favorite author and her series on the Sullivans and now the Morriosons, are just one of the most romantic and heart-warming love stories that any reader could come across.

Check out the charming covers of her upcoming books in the two series –


ALL I EVER NEED IS YOU (Adam Sullivan’s story, coming April 8, 2015)

Note from Bella:  I know I say this every time 🙂 but Adam has now become one of my new favorite Sullivans. I just ADORE him and I can’t wait for you to read his love story on April 8th! Bella 🙂

Pre-Order Links!

Apple iBooks ~ http://bit.ly/1CN1bWn
Barnes & Noble Nook ~ http://bit.ly/19C4shy
Kobo ~ http://bit.ly/1AojRe9
Google Play ~ http://bit.ly/17hijIB

(NOTE FROM BELLA: Pre-order links for the eBook and Paperback at Amazon will be coming soon!)


TEMPT ME LIKE THIS (Drew Morrison’s story, Book 2, coming September 2, 2015) 

Pre-Order links!

Apple iBooks ~ http://bit.ly/1DUhx2p
Kobo ~ http://bit.ly/1AKgD4J
Google Play ~ http://bit.ly/1vyLSAA

(Note: Pre-order links for Nook & Kindle & Paperback will be posted as they come in)

…And I love how Dylan loves Grace and I love how Bella Andre still charms the pants off her readers…. period!

The Sullivans continue to pleasure us with their unconditional love, support and empathy. It’s hard to believe there are people like Dylan Sullivan, or for that matter, the whole Sullivan family, with simple and pure hearts. And lucky for single mother Grace Adrian, that she’s come across Dylan in her life.


Dylan Sullivan is born in the Seattle Sullivan brood and cousin to the California Sullivans. A renowned boat builder, he falls for Grace and her adorable son the second he lays eyes on them. They become his own, the minute Grace speaks and her son goes into his arms and they become his life the hour Grace and Dylan get to know each other and he takes her to visit his family. Dylan is one of the most charming and lovable Sullivans, living a simple life building boats, cruising the oceans, and weathering the storms in his calm style. But he is the alpha protector when it comes to his family, own or extended and he would leave no stone unturned to protect Grace and her son from her past…and he doesn’t think twice to bring his family as a shield around them.

Grace Adrian’s world fell apart when she got pregnant and realizes that she is the ugly secret of a rich society guy. She moves far away from her past to build a decent life for herself and her son. A freelance and fabulous writer, her project of writing about Dylan Sullivan, brings them face-to-face and it is instant attraction for Grace. As Dylan envelopes her within the folds of his wonderful family, Grace is hopeful that she may have found her Prince Charming, yet scared of her heart getting broken by the handsome and charismatic sailor who loves to sail on the seas.

This is one of those stories that gives you orgasmic contentment or make you shred the book because you don’t have a guy like Dylan Sullivan in your life…and I sure hope everyone goes with the first feeling and enjoy Dylan and Grace and the whole entourage as much as I have and will….Sullivans-FamilyTree

We may as well as accept the truth – Sullivans are addictive and you can’t escape them!

Today is the birthday of one of my top favorite writers – Bella Andre 🙂



Queen of the Novella,

What we wouldn’t do

Just To Be With You,

Amazing stories she writes,

Can’t Help Falling In Love,

Lucy Kevin or Bella Andre

Always On My Mind.

Sweet and lovely she is

Carries The Look Of Love,

Compete we for attention,

With her family and friends

Let Me Be The One to say

We are a tenacious group,

It Must Be Your Love for us

You let us Come A Little Bit Closer,

Indulgent glance her husband gives

If You Were Mine, l Only Have Eyes For You,

Willing is he to share with her fans,

Cake and the cherry on the top he gets,

Kissing Under The Mistletoe is his right

He is laughing all the way to the party!

From This Moment On…..and for a long time since

We love you Bella for sharing yourself with your readers.


Happy Birthday and wishing you a super great day filled with lots of love and happiness



♫♫ It’s raining men ♫♫ oops meant ♫♫ It’s raining Sullivans  ♫♫

This past week, I was on a marathon run meeting the California and Seattle Sullivans. They are quite a brood keeping me on my toes, with a flurry of emotions, pain and love leaving me greedy for more!!!!

Thank god!!! Looks like Bella gave me a short reprieve ( a few weeks) before I have Lori waltzing in with her moves!!!Image

By far I hold “Just To Be With You” and “Come A Little Closer”, very close to my heart. I was closely associated with entertainment, in front as well as behind the camera, I have friends who are still in the entertainment industry and have seen up close and personal, the fanatics, the paparazzi and the whole nine yards of the crazies in that field.

Both the stories may be of movie artists, yet they are so different – one on the sets of Hollywood and the other in the boardroom of Seattle. What really had me so attached is the simple storyline of larger than life people, yet so very down to earth and just simple good people.

ImageMovie stars are just as normal people and so are billionaires. Smith and Valentina, Ian and Tatiana – you just cannot not love them as they battle insecurities and pain, uncertainties and paparazzi, jealousy and hurt for loved ones, with tenacity to get their balance of normalcy in their lives. Smith and Ian will remain as my super favorite brothers, sons and lovers of all times.

“The Way You Look Tonight” (Rafe/Brooke) and “Let Me Be The One” (Ryan/Vicki) – ultra sweet stories of reacquainting with childhood friends, finding that spark of love still existing and stoking that tiny spark to a fire of unconditional love and support, these two were such great reads, deliciously so. As much as they are fictional characters, I am very happy to say such people do exist. Image

What can I say about “It Must Be Your Love”? This story had happiness written all over it. As much Ford and Mia had trouble getting together, I felt it was the easiest hurdle they had 😉 Ford was the ‘THE ROCKSTAR’ all way round and loved the vivacious and witty Mia. I loved the coming together of the whole family especially Mary Sullivan being at the helm of the wedding ceremony – so sweet, so unconventional, so precious. Adam and Dylan were adorable and can’t wait to read their HEAs. Ian was a big-brother-force to reckon with and the sparks between him and Tatiana was yummylicious!!!!

ImageBElI love large families. I come from a large family. But sometimes life happens, and we go in so many different paths, different continents and I miss what we used to have before. One of the reasons why I hold the Sullivans so close to me is their large family of brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts – always there to support and lend a voice and a shoulder when needed, no questions asked!

For readers who have not being introduced to this series…go on….grab ’em real fast…..u’ll not be disappointed at all 🙂 



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