…And I love how Dylan loves Grace and I love how Bella Andre still charms the pants off her readers…. period!

The Sullivans continue to pleasure us with their unconditional love, support and empathy. It’s hard to believe there are people like Dylan Sullivan, or for that matter, the whole Sullivan family, with simple and pure hearts. And lucky for single mother Grace Adrian, that she’s come across Dylan in her life.


Dylan Sullivan is born in the Seattle Sullivan brood and cousin to the California Sullivans. A renowned boat builder, he falls for Grace and her adorable son the second he lays eyes on them. They become his own, the minute Grace speaks and her son goes into his arms and they become his life the hour Grace and Dylan get to know each other and he takes her to visit his family. Dylan is one of the most charming and lovable Sullivans, living a simple life building boats, cruising the oceans, and weathering the storms in his calm style. But he is the alpha protector when it comes to his family, own or extended and he would leave no stone unturned to protect Grace and her son from her past…and he doesn’t think twice to bring his family as a shield around them.

Grace Adrian’s world fell apart when she got pregnant and realizes that she is the ugly secret of a rich society guy. She moves far away from her past to build a decent life for herself and her son. A freelance and fabulous writer, her project of writing about Dylan Sullivan, brings them face-to-face and it is instant attraction for Grace. As Dylan envelopes her within the folds of his wonderful family, Grace is hopeful that she may have found her Prince Charming, yet scared of her heart getting broken by the handsome and charismatic sailor who loves to sail on the seas.

This is one of those stories that gives you orgasmic contentment or make you shred the book because you don’t have a guy like Dylan Sullivan in your life…and I sure hope everyone goes with the first feeling and enjoy Dylan and Grace and the whole entourage as much as I have and will….Sullivans-FamilyTree

We may as well as accept the truth – Sullivans are addictive and you can’t escape them!