Lenora Worth is a first time read for me and her new book “Deadly Holiday Reunion” brings together Texas Ranger Jake Cavanaugh and retired FBI agent Ella Terrell, when Jake’s teenage daughter gets kidnapped; a kidnapper with deadly intentions and very familiar to Ella, from who she barely escaped with her life.


Now Ella has to face the monster from the past to save Jake’s daughter Macey, even if she has to give herself to the killer in exchange for Macey. But Jake is not about to give up on the second chance he’s got with Ella, and would do anything to get back his daughter and keep Ella at her side. Racing against time, and with misleading clues dropped by the killer this is one game that Jake and Ella intend to win and put the killer to rest permanently.

The plot is good, the characters sounded nice, yet the narration lacked conviction and interest for me. I felt it was a tad too lengthy and repetitive of what Jake and Ella are feeling and going through.

It is still a decent one time read.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via Netgalley for a honest review.