…….and Jennifer Probst has the answer! 😉

I’ve lost count of the number of books I read or the authors who I come across or are recommendations.  Some grow on me and some just find their way into my heart right from the start and their prints find their place on my bookshelves.

I’ve had Jennifer on my radar for a while and finally ended up reading her books on my trip to India. Lucky me – I found all the four “Marriage To A Billionaire Series” books in the Singapore airport, and they found themselves in my backpack in a jiffy!!!!Image

I was on a reading fest!  It’s very hard to find writers who can create living people in their books. Not characters, but people. I was totally in love with all of them in Jennifer’s books. There was so much love and passion, support and loyalty, independence and dependence, all unconditional and with no questions asked. The emotions were fierce, the hurt was palpable, the relationships rock solid and the union of mind, body and soul is out of this world!!!

You can’t help but fall in love with Alexa and Nicholas, Michael and Maggie (my personal favorites), Carina and Max and Julietta and Sawyer. Every one of them was breathing and living person, their stories coming to life with humor, wit and intimacy.

ImageHot alpha males and beautiful feisty females and one Book Of Spells you can’t resist!

And don’t forget to read her new “Search” series of three friends and their agency “Kinnections”  –  ‘Searching For Somebody’ ( you’ll love Kate and Slade), and ‘Searching For Perfect’ (April 29, 2014)…….you will not be disappointed with her books 🙂

She is one author whose books are endless pleasure of reading!