Janyaa breathed life on this day April 10 five years ago. With a mission to educate the illiterate in rural India via hands on math and science experiments using day to day materials, Janyaa had journeyed in leaps and bounds impacting over 100,000 students in various states of India. Check out their achievements on their website http://www.janyaa.org

I have the privilege of working with them and they have a superfantabulous dedicated core team and innumerable well wishers and supporters who have made their goals a little bit easier. Image

Janyaa had its fifth annual gala/fundraiser and what a stupendous success it was……as part of the team, my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to all those who support us unconditionally and giving us the encouragement to forge ahead with renewed goals.




PS: Special thanks to the amazing writers/authors of contemporary romance, suspense and paranormal for donating their autographed books for the silent auction…gracias ❤