‘Duty Bound’ is the first of the “Protectors Series” co-written by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams. This is my first read of Noelle Adams and I, of course am familiar with Samantha Chase’s writings – and both partnered, you get a sweet deal of an alpha protector , trying to keep his sanity and yet protect a stubborn as a mule Tinkerbell!Image

Levi, the ever protector and best friend of Gavin (Harper’s brother), and Harper, one stubborn woman looking for answers to her brother’s death are a force to reckon and a sizzling chemistry lesson you don’t want to miss! Harper is ready to shake Washington DC for answers and Levi is ready to put himself in front of Harper to save her life, both battling guilt and pain, fighting their passion for each other, and finally realizing what is more important for them and their future.

Both Chase and Adams have done a great job etching Levi and Harper. Fantastic narration, fiery passion, unconditional loyalty and a racy ride, and a ride bound by duty and love. I loved Samantha’s other books – ‘The Montgomery Brothers Series’, ‘Baby, Am Yours’, ‘The Baby Arrangement’, just to name a few. She’s become one of my favorite writers of recent and thoroughly enjoy her books.

Noelle Adams and I are just getting acquainted and am mighty impressed. I just finished reading her ‘One Night With Her Best Friend’, ‘One Night In The Storm’, ‘One Night With Her Bodyguard’ and have to admit that I was not at all disappointed. In fact have a couple more in queue to be read.Image

With two very good writers joining forces, there can only be very good things coming in the future. I for one am looking forward to their second book “Honor Bound”, in the Protector Series, scheduled tentatively for a mid June release.




Pics courtesy: Samantha Chase Fan Club/Facebook