What would it be like to return to your own roots? To a place where you had spent your wonder years, to a town that is home to unanswered questions, to a heart that, hoping it still beats for you?

J.L.Berg’s third book, “Ready For You” in her Ready Series, is a manuscript of two beautiful people and their love story. Garrett and Mia, friends in high school, fall in love dreaming of a life together. But even the best-laid plans go haywire and their path of together splits into two very different directions.

Fate brings them back full circle to the very place their relationship has disappeared and now it is up to them to complete that circle of life. It is time to understand and to be understood. It is time to hear the unspoken words of pain, regret and lasting love between the words of betrayal, misunderstanding and manipulation. Guilt and insecurities are a force to reckon in our lives!

This is by far Jennifer’s best work as she weaves the story between Garrett and Mia. If her first two books, “When You Are Ready” and “Never Been Ready” dealt with circumstances and how her characters trusted to welcome a new life, ‘Ready For You’ is an emotional roller coaster ride as Garrett and Mia try to explore the choices made, dealing with the consequences of those choices, trying to understand the unexplained actions, reconciling with the loss of precious treasures, and Jennifer does not break for a second, for us to catch our breath between the hurt and the tears and the longing and the lust.Image

What’s more beautiful is the foundation of friendship that eases Garrett and Mia back into a familiar relationship, giving them a chance to rekindle the trust and love one more time, and this time forever and for always.  Jennifer’s done a fabulous job of choreographing their emotions through actions. As much as it hurts to look back and be scared of what the future may hold, with your best friend and the love of your life right beside each other, Garrett and Mia find their kingdom with the unconditional help and support of a loving family around them.

Ready Or Not – I want more from this lady who is turning out to be one heck of a great writer and I am tickled with excitement for getting the privilege of writing reviews for her books.


Pics courtesy: J.L Berg/Facebook  – https://www.facebook.com/authorjlberg