Samantha Chase writes the sweetest of love stories. The final installment in her “Life, Love and Babies” trilogy, “Baby, Be Mine” is one of her stellar works of sweet romance throwing in an unsuspecting alpha male into fatherhood, with not one but twins!!!! Now isn’t that a perfect Father’s Day gift!!!!!

ImageHere’s one handsome, sexy construction owner Jake Knight, getting hammered and nailed with the unexpected package of twins, his twins and add to the mix, his one and only, longtime love of his life Olivia, and he is one royally cemented guy!!!!!

This is one down-to-earth, utterly delicious book, not to be missed. Olivia is the super ace babysitter blackmailed into helping Jake with the babies, and Jake is on a crash course of Fatherhood 101. As they make adjustments, find a routine, reconnect with each other and bond with the babies, it is a delightful ride of romance, sleepless nights of lust and need, not to forget the feedings and the diaper changes, lifestyle changes and renovations, I had so much fun reading this book.

As much as books are fun to read, I love when an author injects a certain element of learning that applies to our daily lives, share personal experiences or bring to life emotions that we go through everyday. Jake Knight as a man thrown into fatherhood was so well etched – his fear, frustrations and insecurities, were so clearly penned, you could picture it happening to any of your male friends.

It’s always been a pleasure to read Samantha Chase.