My first introduction to Sarah Morgan and her books was “Sleigh Bells In The Snow”, book one in her “O’Neil Brother” Series. I instantly fell in love with Snow Crystal Resort, Vermont, Gramps and Grams and Elizabeth and of course Jackson and Kayla.

Her second book “Suddenly Last Summer” brings Jackson’s twin, Sean O’Neil from Boston to his roots and heritage in Vermont and to one fiery French chef Elise Philippe. Dedicated and renowned orthopedic surgeon, Sean O’Neil is pulled back to his home when his Gramps suffers a stroke and comes face to face with pain and hurt that drove him away from his family. He and his grandfather have been at loggers end for a couple of years now and stubborn as they are, just refuse to defuse the situation.

ImageIf that is not enough to make him feel unwanted, he has to deal with his one summer night erotic fling Elise! Simmering heat on both ends, Sean and Elise try to ignore their feelings for each other and end up getting into each other. Sleepless nights of lust and passion, hot days of denials and insecurities, “Suddenly Last Summer” is an emotional roller coaster of a ride for all involved, even as a lot of questions find their answers.

I couldn’t help falling in love with Sean and Elise. Sarah Morgan has done a brilliant job of modeling two characters, worlds apart yet so perfect for each other. Elise is a firecracker, who helps Sean understand his pain, value of a family and helps put a closer to his suffering and guilt. Sean is the lovable doctor, tender and patient as he stands in support of Elise as she tries to come to terms with her painful past and loss.

Sarah did a fantastic job of penning so much emotion and love in her story, that it catches you unawares. There were incidents in the book that had me feeling sad and lonely, loved and cherished, hot and erotic, unconditional support and trust, and the O’Neil family, always comes together to protect their own, no matter what. It is a lesson in learning what families mean, and that it’s just not blood that ties, but relationships can be made from the heart.

The O’Neil’s leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling and Snow Crystal Resort, a haven of family, love and protection.