The Sloans sure know how to make readers moan in pleasure!!! Melanie Shawn’s latest in the Crossroad Series, “Actually Love” brings us up close and personal with Jessie and Zach.

They do make an adorable couple. Jessie, a famous PR professional is pitted against Zach, the sexy kryptonite boxer. Misunderstandings and a need for a home have them sharing a house posing as a couple and we get to go on a super sexy ride of a delightful romance.


Gotta love the Sloan clan – siblings and cousins galore. With a typical family having the fun of teasing these two, to advising them in the game of love, to the Golden Girls meddling in their lives, “Actually Love” is a true and true, fuzzy, feel good love story!

Along with Jessie and Zach trying to find their place with each other, in each other’s lives, Melanie sure throws us into a myriad of emotions, with family support, and heart to heart talks. When Zach’s past comes punching into their lives, loved the way it was handled with sense and sensibility.

This is one knockout of a story and you can’t but help fall in love with Zach and Jessie.

Readers who are not familiar with the Crossroad Series, should definitely get to know the Sloans – love big families!!!