The eternal battle of good over evil can see no end. To get justice, there will be sacrifices and sufferings. For every act of evil, there will be that one individual or a group, wanting to face that extra step of danger, wanting to sacrifice that extra individual to make sure the good prevails over evil. And when the evil comes from within, that is the risk needing careful planning of elimination.

Toni Anderson’s “Cold Justice” series runs along those lines. This is a series of loyal, hardworking law enforcers, willing to sacrifice for protecting the honor of an individual or a country.


Ranging from terrorist attacks to vigilante justice, her books are worth reading for the pure thrill of the ride. The romance and passion is not far behind. I loved Alex Parker and his Mallory in her first book, “A Cold Dark Place”, as well as Jed Brennan and Vivi in “Cold Pursuit”. Fighting the dark forces and battling the consequences of the acts of justice, secret or open, is no menial task for the law enforcers.

And the Gateway Project was so cool!!! A clandestine government agency set up to take out serial killers, pedophiles and other bad apples, this series is high on adrenaline, the danger quotient tops off the chart and passion is sinful. My kind of books for reading and Toni Anderson delivers some good thrills.

Reading them in sequence is so much more enjoyable and I would definitely recommend her other creations.