Whatever happened at Comic-Con sure did not stay at Comic-Con……

The Heart’s Game is book 4 in the Kelly Brothers series by Crista McHugh and I loved it!!!! Crista keeps getting better and better as she progresses through the Kelly Brothers. There was so much more depth to her stories now and the characters are better defined. I love reading books with big families and their many ups and downs, yet they all come together when the need rises.

I totally loved Jenny Nguyen and her spunk. Coming from a typical conservative India family, I can totally relate to Jenny with her family and their reservations, customs and traditions. Families want the best of the western world, yet can’t let go of certain customs and let their children move forward. Despite these boundaries, I am so proud of Jenny when she decides to become a surrogate mother of her brother.


Daniel Kelly is a sweetheart who loves his family including the many celebrities he’s related by blood. A well-known surgeon and kind at heart, he loves Jenny to the core and persistently woes her until she breaks down. And his whole family embraces Jenny with unconditional love and support. Dan is one heck of a guy with some much love, kindness and so very gentle with Jenny.

The doctor and the robotics engineer sure create some sizzling chemistry from the moment they meet at Comic-Con. They can’t stay out of each other’s life, even as they try to get past their insecurities, especially with Jenny’s family, and find themselves strong enough to weather the issues, they were thrown into. Lot of humorous banter among the family members, support and love from friends and siblings, and throw in the geeky relationship of Dan and Jenny, The Heart’s Game is a winner all the way.

Though the books can be read as standalone, I personally enjoyed reading them in sequence – The Sweetest Seduction, Breakaway Hearts and Falling For The Wingman (Books 1-3).