I read romances everyday. Some romances give me the fuzzies, some may just be okay and yet some take me on a sensual journey of love with its simplicity and purity. Now the third kind is what gets me in the heart leaving me speechless with a myriad of emotions that are hard to describe and I can be seen sporting a goofy smile ☺

Samantha Chase’s latest “Exclusive” is just that, exclusive! Simple in narration, this is the story of Mike Greene aka Jonathan Wade, the reclusive writer and his everlasting love for Taylor Scott. Coming from a background worth forgetting, his rise to being the mysterious and successful writer was not easy. His motivation was Taylor, his life was Taylor and his writing was for Taylor. Now how can I not adore Mike Greene? He is one of the best creations of Samantha Chase.


Taylor Scott is a journalist aspiring to be a writer and she gets the privilege of interviewing the mysterious Jonathan Wade. She ends up meeting her long lost friend Mike Greene, whom she’s never forgotten and missed his presence. Taylor is one delightful lady, kind and caring, and not a single bad bone in her body, except simple insecurities of life that we people have in our everyday life. Despite her issues with Mike Greene/Jonathan Wade, I applaud her decision when needed, and her attitude once she makes up her mind.

Exclusive is by far Samantha’s best romance in my opinion. The story fell in place so perfectly for me with its delightful ride. Down to earth, rekindling a young friendship lost, getting to know each other in their adult life, realizing their need for each other and accepting the fact that they are meant to be with each other, Mike and Taylor are a wholesome couple and their love story truly is a fairy tale.

Exclusive is pleasing, charming, engaging and rich in the flavor of romance!