Blood and nationality were stripped away and status and wealth meant nothing here…..

Taken away by force and an obsession that surpasses all reasonability, Morgan Gaelord becomes Dusk, and ends up in the hellish undergrounds of the Czech Republic. Even as she endures the brutality and torture, she hangs on to a ray of hope to escape the cruelty and evil. And that ray of hope gives her a new life, yet she cannot escape the nightmares of her past. Even as she forges ahead with a new lease of life, looking over her shoulder has become a habit. Lots of embers for her here…..

Lincoln Blade is her savior working undercover for Interpol, but saving innocent and brutalized girls does not seem to give him any peace. Giving these girls an opportunity to start a new life with a new face and a name does not ease the guilt he carries of the justice that never saw the light of dawn. Now with Morgan in his life, together they need to survive the new threat that comes their way as the girls from Blade’s past end up dying and its their turn to bring an evil to justice.

Sins can be buried, but never forgotten and Mikhail Jezek is one badass of a villain, who pays for his sins and it was poetic justice! Loved the details that Jaycee Clark gave this character and reading about him gave me the jitters and I was literally consumed with so much hatred for him.

If the story is about Morgan moving on with her life, I loved Jaycee for bringing into focus Morgan’s family and their feelings. It is not easy dealing with the aftermath of terror and lots of times we forget how much the family suffers along with the victim. It was painful and yet very proud to see the whole Gaelord family handle the sensitive situation with courage.

“Hunted” by Jaycee Clark leaves an indelible footprint. With layers of emotion and pain coating her words, Jaycee gives us an amazing story that leaves us haunted with a taste for an evil that can go beyond boundaries and a battle that two brave souls confront for a future filled with faith and love.