It’s been a while since I read a book by Susan Anderson and “No Strings Attached” was refreshing and a nice read.

Tasha and Luc, two strangers meet in the Bahamas and end up spending time together. Unfortunately with Luc working undercover as DEA and an unfortunate twist of events lands Tasha in the Bahamian jail for a couple of days and Luc is incognito.

Fast-forward seven years and call it fate, Luc and Tasha end up seeing each other at Luc’s half brothers’ home. Seven years apart has not dimmed the feelings that Luc has for Tasha. And Tasha still carries the hurt and painful memories of those two days and having been deserted by Luc.
As much as she tries to stay away from Luc, her silly heart plays a different tune. Tasha is one strong woman who does not let her past dictate her mind and courageously moves forward with her life despite the trauma of those two nights in jail. As much as she is dogged by nightmares, she doesn’t let them weaken her as a person and become a victim. Vulnerable, yet strong and brings out the protective instincts in spades.

Luc is tenacious in trying to get to the bottom of what had happened seven years ago. When the truth comes out, with guilt and pain, he tries to make amends. Knowing that he was not responsible for what had happened to Tasha seven years ago, does not make him feel any better and his persistence finally breaks the walls around Tasha’s heart.

No Strings Attached is a sweet story of two people finding themselves again, and rebuilding a life of love and trust.

Received a copy courtesy Netgalley for an honest review.