Acceptance necessarily doesn’t mean resignation or defeat. It just means that we need to understand that sometimes things are just what they are and we need to find a way to walk through them. Awareness of a situation makes it easy for acceptance to find a home in mind and heart. It’s hard, it’s painful and it’s different being the recipient of a legacy that can be both a gift and a curse.

Jennifer Probst’s new series, “Dark Blessings” is a different kind of series. Read with a naked mind and it opens endless possibilities of heroes who may be helping the weak in their own dark blessed ways. People who are gifted, yet are human, just like you and me.

Her first book in the series, “Dante’s Fire” introduces us to Dante Stark, born with a legacy that took the lives of loved ones, yet he has taught himself to control and use his gift with caution. Hiding under the mask of a mail guy, running his wealthy business empire within the shadows of his best friend, he lives the life of simplicity with all its complexity and in spades, with a heart of gold.

Selena Rogers as the woman he loves from afar is just as elegant and classy. With a warm heart and an abundance of desire to help others, she is Dante’s reality and life. Two lonely souls, who spar with each other, everyday about Metallica, opera and financial news, find each other as they battle injuries physically and emotionally.

From the very first page, the story was mesmerizing with its sweet narration of a man, trying to live a simple life, a life he had accepted with all its colors, and content with loving his girl from afar. There are no thrills, no frills or innumerable secondary characters that mar the story, which is just perfect. It’s deep with many layers to unravel Dante and Selena, rich in human emotions, endearing as these two really beautiful people come together, and the elegance of Jennifer’s writing. This was Dante’s dance of fire, as he rolls with the daily life, to overcome his insecurities and doubts, place his secret in the hands of the woman he loves, and manages to win her heart and soul.

Dante’s Fire seduces with its simple and graceful narration of an intense story of patience, endurance, passion and love.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.