I was introduced to Catherine Bybee’s books by one of my favorite authors, Kendra Elliot and the rest as they say is history, as I was completely bewitched with her Weekday Brides Series”, that I finished the first four books in one go!!!

From her first book in the series, “Wife By Wednesday” to her latest release #5 in the series, “Taken By Tuesday”, she takes us on one heck of a ride, full of wit, humor, passion, danger and love.WeekdayBridesCollage-Aug2014

Judy Gardner and Rick Evans cross paths in Bybee’s fourth book, “Single By Saturday” (Karen/Zach), and sparks fly immediately. Judy moves to LA along with her best friend Meg, after graduation to put her architecture degree to good use and starts off as an intern in a prominent company. Of course Rick Evans shows up as security for Judy, being the sister of celebrity actor Michael Wolf.
From the time Rick spots her the first time, he’s lost his heart to the dark haired beauty. With his handsome looks and dimpled smiles, he is one captivating alpha male, who would go to the end of the world to protect his woman. Ex-marine and tough as nails, his sense of humor is as endearing as his pursuit of his ladylove. One of my favorite book boyfriends!

Judy and Rick make such a charming couple, as they tip toe around their feelings, hustling shooting pool, flirting with their chemistry. It was a treat reading their story as Judy tries to make an identity for herself in the big bad world of LA and Rick wears her out with in his relentless quest for her heart. When Judy is attacked by a faceless menace, all bets are off and Rick becomes her shadow and a suspect and Judy comes up with a surprising proposition.

Catherine Bybee sure knows to hook her readers into her narration, passion one minute and suspense in another. Relations and love in another and danger in another. With beautiful covers and charismatic stories, Catherine’s books are hazardous to a heart!

Received a copy courtesy Netgalley for an honest review