I grew up on folklore. I remember those early days of childhood with my Mom regaling me with tales of princes and princesses, good and evil and happily-ever-afters. I am a sucker for Disney movies and to this day, I relish and lose myself in those beautiful tales of love and romance.

Having said that, it would be no lesser a fact, that anytime I read about the Sloans in “The Crossroad Series”, I have a goofy look, a smile on my lips, sparkles in my eyes, flutters in my heart and sheer happiness in mind. One look at my space out face, and my husband knows exactly what realm I’m visiting 😉

FairytaleLove-Crossroad8-Aug2014Melanie Shawn’s latest installment in the Crossroad Series (Book#8), “Fairytale Love” brings Brian Scott and Becca Sloan to the culmination of their own happy ending. Childhood best friends, with no secrets between them, one magical kiss changes their feelings for each other, and feelings that both have been fighting to keep their friendship intact.

Loved the concept of the sexy Brian getting selected for a reality show to find his true love and Becca invariably ends up on the same show, with fate lending them a gentle push towards those circumstances. Pairing with different partners on the show, it was delightful to watch them go through the various competitions as they rediscover themselves through the eyes of love.

Brian is one of he most adorable characters I’ve come across with his kindness, his unconditional love and support for his family, his sacrifices with no qualms, he is one man with a golden heart. Becca is one of the sweetest girls of the Sloan clan and adored by everyone and a loyal ally that you can ever find.

Melanie and Shawna create beautiful love stories, with pages of deep feelings, strong and independent characters, steeped in love and passion, filled with the essence of family and belonging and a sense of security and protection. They are down to earth, simple and blissful!