Just when I think how can Cynthia Eden top her previous paranormal romance, she comes out with a fireball that takes us on fiery ride of unbridled passion, evil as dark as midnight and defiant paranormal who would burn the very ends of earth to protect their mates. 

Cynthia Eden’s latest release, “Playing With Fire” is the third (maybe the final) in her Phoenix Series and what read it is! Dante the Immortal is pitched against Cassie Armstrong the Siren and we get a deadly combination of fire and control!

As the daughter of a father who is the ultimate evil to hold a scalpel, Cassie has a lot to redress. In the name of research, her father experimented and created soldiers of mass destruction with the mix of various paranormal and their DNA, unbalancing the very cycle of life and his daughter was not spared either. Cassie wants to correct the wrong and save the good from being devoured by the evil and she needs Dante to make it happen. 


Dante is a mass of fire, an Immortal who can rise from the dead again and again. Devoid of any emotion and feelings, memories lost to many deaths he falls to, tears from a heartless Immortal may be the only cure for the virus on a rampage. But Dante shedding tears is not on the agenda and neither is him been drawn by the sweet voice of Cassie. 

Fighting the evil dogging their backs, giving into the passion raging between them, Cassie and Dante are on the run leaving a ball of fire in their wake. Dante brings to light the reality of Cassie’s power and Cassie helps Dante remember that he has a heart and sometimes sacrifice is essential to save a normal human being. It is wonderful to revisit the previous powerful paranormal and their quest for finding a cure and peace to live a normal life among the mortals. And the epilogue was icing on the cake! Almost had me in tears….

Playing With Fire breathes down your neck, makes your heart beat faster, gets your adrenaline pumping and chills racing your veins. I don’t think anyone can beat Cynthia Eden in her writing of paranormal romance.

 Received a copy courtesy Netgalley for a honest review.