Sensual and passionate may be Sam Brody’s kisses, but I got to say that Jill Shalvis’s penning leaves me all hot and bothered!!! Every story is as different as chalk and cheese and every character is as different as silk and velvet and every scene seems to come right out of her backyard whether she talks about Man-Repellant PJs or raccoons housing the trash. 

The tenth installment in her Lucky Harbor Series, “It’s In His Kiss” brings Sam Brody and Becca Thorpe together on the sensual sands of the Pacific Ocean. Sam is an amazing boat-builder and a genius investor, partnering with his two best friends Tanner and Cole, and runs the Lucky Harbor Charters. With irresistible charm and kisses that can melt panties (as they say), he shies away from long term relationships until Becca comes along and anchors him with her curves and sassiness.


Becca leaves her claustrophobic city life and ends on the shores of Lucky Harbor to make a new life. A lady with a heart of gold and ready to give her shirt off her back to anyone needy, she has a lot of pain and loneliness to get over despite having a family. Yet she never lets her past rule her present to make a future for herself – for Becca Thorpe. She falls for the Sexy Grumpy Surfer-Boy and goes all the way, wishing and hoping that her love gets returned in spades and more. 

It’s In His Kiss is another endearing and cute story out of Shalvis’s treasure trove. Revisiting older characters from her previous stories is always a treat. And how can we forget Lucille and her social media prowess as she leaves Facebook and Twitter on the back burner to pin interests on her boards on Pinterest! 

Looking forward to Olivia and Cole killing each other to get to their fine HEA, coming soon.

Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.