I’ve had a couple of Susan Kearney’s books in my library for a while now, but ended up reading her Born Trilogy. The book covers were so captivating and endearing. Been her books a first for me, was not sure what to expect even though the synopsis of the books was intriguing.

BornInSecret-Braddack1-Aug2014Born In Secret is the first of the trilogy of the Braddack brothers and introduces Max Braddack, a genius inventor and Brooke, a mom on the hunt for the secret behind her daughter Skye’s birth. Brooke lands on Max’s doorstep in with the shocking news that a Braddack is the biological father of Skye.

Born In Secrets is a thrilling ride of hidden secrets, suspense and danger lurking in the shadows of a fertility clinic. As much as the story was interesting, somehow I felt that Max and Brooke were rushed into love. There was not that much of a character development versus giving the premise of the story more importance.


The second in the trilogy is Born In Danger, with Ford Braddack getting kidnapped by the sassy Devlin Ward, who happens to be the cousin of Ford’s dead wife Rhonda. Ford, Rhonda and Devlin are mentioned in the first book, Born In Secret.

Ford’s been trying to find the killer of his wife for a few months now, and Devlin is a private investigator hired in secrecy to find the killer too. She kidnaps Ford to get his help as her leads travel continents, and she needs Ford’s help and contacts to pursue.

Now this story is better paced and I enjoyed this far more than the first one. The character development of Ford and Devlin was etched well and they catch your attention. They had time to spend time together, get to know each other, as they are forced into dangerous situations and try to protect each other from getting killed.

This is a definite read that will be enjoyed for sure. I really like this book a lot as it keeps you guessing, taking you into another ride of suspense, thrill and betrayal.

BornInMystery-Braddack3-Aug 2014The last book in the trilogy, Born In Mystery brings us up close and personal with Craig Braddack and Summer Warren, carrying Craig’s babies in her womb as a surrogate mother. Summer ends up with Craig as she is trying to leave a dangerous past behind her and get Craig’s protection for her babies.

This is by far the best of the trilogy and so loved Craig and Summer. Their chemistry was good, their banter was filled with wit and humor and Craig is one alpha protector as a stalker makes his appearance from Summer’s past. Now Craig and Summer have to make sure they counter every dangerous step the stalker places in their path, and survive the horrors of a mad man.

Another enjoyable read of suspense, sizzling chemistry and a race against time to keep them alive.

Received an advanced copy from Netgalley for an honest review