“Winter and its long, frigid nights were coming. This week’s mild weather was merely a temporary reprieve, a delay of the unpleasant and inevitable months of cold darkness breathing down Philadelphia’s neck…At this point in the game, my biggest concern was that someone would discover my captive…” the evil thinks and plots…

The crime has been scripted. The action choreographed to the last detail. And the web around the usual suspect has just gotten a little bit tighter, as Melinda Leigh takes us into the deceit and dangers under the midnight sky, in her latest book “Midnight Betrayal”. How evil can evil get? 

Curator Dr. Louisa Hancock and Conor Sullivan have a past in Maine that binds them with some unusual circumstances. Moving to Philadelphia, to start a new life, Louisa gets drawn into a killer’s mad game of hide and seeks. The disappearance of interns working at the museum brings back Conor Sullivan into her life, as he becomes the prime suspect due to circumstantial evidence. 

MidnightBetrayal-Reveal-MelindaLeigh-Aug 2014

As Conor and Louisa wage their own investigation into the killings to clear Conor’s name, they battle immense attraction for each other as their insecurities and betrayal from the past holds them hostage to accept what the present is offering to take the relationship into a future. Two characters etched to perfection with impeccable imperfections!

Melinda Leigh did a brilliant job of narrating the story with so much passion and suspense; you forget that you are reading a book. Not even once does she give us a whiff of a hint as to who the killer may be. Not until you reach the last few pages of the thriller, the evil is revealed!!! She’s done such a great job of holding the interest of the readers to the very last word, and it is no mean achievement.

The whole essence of a good thriller rests on maintaining the suspense, an element of surprise and the tone of guessing in every page, and Melinda has exploited all those to the fullest extent. From her first book “She Can Hide” to her latest, “Midnight Betrayal”, she has progressed into an amazing writer of romantic suspense and thrillers.

Midnight Betrayal is a page-turner with a story rich in excitement and anticipation, deceptive and malicious, endurance and support, love and passion. 

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.