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Book three in the Scarlet Falls Series by Melinda Leigh, brings Mac Barrett from the drug infested and bullet ridden Amazon jungles to his hometown of Scarlet Falls, as his father breathes his last. Even as his family buries the Colonel, the little town of Scarlet Falls is once again thrown into a gruesome murder. And that takes Mac right to Stella Dane, and his heart has never forgotten the detective.

Taking the lead on the murder investigation, stakes are high for Stella as she races against time with her partner McNamara to stop a psychotic killer. As the killer targets reformed drug addicts, he comes too close to home as her friend is kidnapped and Mac gets into the crosshairs of the killer. With time running out and life hanging by mere seconds, it takes all of Stella’s skills and the support of her department to save the people she cares the most.


Mac has been my favorite Barrett sibling with is quite and lethal demeanor. Working for the DEA undercover has given him a hard edge, yet Stella is the only one who can calm him and his heart. Stella had always had a special place for Mac and working together to catch the killer only reinforces the love she has for him. Strong, independent and a good heart is what Stella is made of as she goes through her own demons of guilt and pain.

Two strong individuals, two people with painful pasts and two protectors who would go to any length to keep their families safe, Mac and Stella make one amazing couple.

I loved the way Melinda Leigh incorporated the plot around a mad killer and yet not lose sight of the dynamics of the Barrett family. Regrets, redemptions and secrets are out in the open, as Melinda brings the family together, with care, love and support. She does a brilliant job of giving the story the co-existence of danger and presence of a strong family that had been through loss, pain and betrayal.

“Seconds To Live” can be read as a stand-alone, but I would highly recommend readers to start with “Hour Of Need” (where it all started), to enjoy the following books to the fullest

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

Book 6 of her infamous “She Can Series” starts off with an explosion in Argentina and brings us to the US along with Christopher and his daughter Lucia. As an assassin and son-in-law of a powerful arms dealer, circumstances bring Cristan to the US to make a safe haven for his daughter and give her a normal life.

As we all know, the past always catches up with the present if there’s no closure and secrets tend to cause rifts between loved ones, Putting roots in Westbury, Pennsylvania may be the best for his daughter, but his past catches all his loved ones and friends in the crossfire of a lady bent on revenge. And Cristan Rojas would do anything to protect his family and the woman he has come to love in his present life.


Sarah is trying to make a new life with her two young toddlers, after divorcing her abusive husband. Feelings for Cristan give her hope for a better future, and her love for his daughter only strengthens her faith that she may have a happy ending. But a demented ex-husband can’t seem to let go of her, and Cristan’s past may actually put Sarah in the path of danger and death.

“She Can Kill” has so much happening with enough suspense to last until the last page. I loved the ending of this story – there may be bad people in the world, but sometimes they do have a streak of humanity in them. Circumstances and family background may give them their identity, but what they choose to become as an adult is the choice they make.

Melinda Leigh has become one of the top suspense writers and has become on of my favorites to read. I love her attention to details as well as how well she connects the past and the present, bring together the chemistry of family and friends with unwritten support and help. Emotions in place, danger every minute, love trying to survive, Melinda blends a spectrum of death to love in a brilliant narration of “She Can Kill.”

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance/Amazon Publishing via Net Galley for an honest review.

I love when writers/authors progress from their very first published work to a current state of confidence. I feel proud for them and of them. When I started reading Melinda Leigh with her first book “She Can Run”, as much as I was taken in by her writing, there was still an edge of rawness and the freshness of a novice. But now, as I read her new series Scarlet Falls, the progress is spectacular and her narration is seeped in conviction and self-confidence.

“Hour Of Need” leads her new series Scarlet Falls and starts off the story with a devastating double murder of well-known couple Lee and Kate Barrett. A shocking event that shatters the peace of the tiny sleepy town of Scarlet Falls, and brings Major Grant Barrett from the front lines of Afghanistan to a family reeling under the loss of loved ones, and to an orphaned niece and nephew.


As much as the murder is a mystery, the attempted kidnapping of the kids and her daughter puts Ellie Ross right in the middle of the Barrett family and their crusade in finding the truth. As the family rallies around the kids to protect them, a past murder rears its ugly head, bringing more danger and secrets from the grave. Even as Ellie and Grant find themselves falling for each other, the killer gets too close for comfort, putting Ellie’s family in danger as his demands spike.

Racing against time to unravel the secrets in the sleepy town, the Barrett family rediscover themselves in the process. Melinda does a fine job of exploring human relationships in the midst of a crisis, and the importance of family, love and support, despite distances that may come between them

“Hour Of Need” is not a nail biting, falling of the edge, adrenaline filled thriller. It is the story of a normal family going through the turmoil of a life disrupted by unexplained murders. It is the story of a family with brains and courage wanting to put an end to the unexplained and it is the story of a family who would protect their own, yet doing the right things within their means.

Equal measures of suspense, love and courage give this story a great start for becoming another fabulous series, just proving Melinda’s prowess as a romantic mystery writer.

 Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Netgalley for an honest review.

For the uninitiated readers, “Her Grave Secrets” is the third book in the Rogue River Series, co-written by Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh. The first two books are “On Her Father’s Grave” (Kendra Elliot) and “Gone To Her Grave” (Melinda Leigh). So my recommendation is to definitely read in sequence.

RogueRiverSeries-1 and 2-ElliotLeigh copy

So the saga of danger and death continues in the small town of Solitude. A deadly drug called C-22 is making its appearance in the dead bodies showing up in Solitude. Since the death of Stevie’s father, who was the sheriff of Solitude, there has been a string of strange deaths and Stevie along with the new sheriff, Zane are trying to get to the bottom of this evil.

As the love between Zane Duncan and Stevie Taylor blossoms, so is the evil lurking in the shadows. Stevie and Zane along with Seth, are trying to uncover the mystery surrounding some of the prime residents of Solitude. As the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place, there are more questions than answers. And when Zane gets hurt as another piece of the puzzle falls into place, but some old secrets also come to light. When her father’s death is bordered on homicide, Stevie knows that they need to double their efforts and become more vigilant before more innocent people get hurt.

RogueRiverSeries-3 and 4-ElliotLeigh copy

“Her Grave Secrets”, is a great continuation as it seems to head into a final showdown with very surprising revelations. I love the way both the writers have kept their unique skills of narration, yet bring the story together in each book they write. The suspense is brilliant, romance sublime and the characters have turned out to be fabulous, with their own personal issues and insecurities, yet supportive of each other.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Netgalley for a honest review

“Winter and its long, frigid nights were coming. This week’s mild weather was merely a temporary reprieve, a delay of the unpleasant and inevitable months of cold darkness breathing down Philadelphia’s neck…At this point in the game, my biggest concern was that someone would discover my captive…” the evil thinks and plots…

The crime has been scripted. The action choreographed to the last detail. And the web around the usual suspect has just gotten a little bit tighter, as Melinda Leigh takes us into the deceit and dangers under the midnight sky, in her latest book “Midnight Betrayal”. How evil can evil get? 

Curator Dr. Louisa Hancock and Conor Sullivan have a past in Maine that binds them with some unusual circumstances. Moving to Philadelphia, to start a new life, Louisa gets drawn into a killer’s mad game of hide and seeks. The disappearance of interns working at the museum brings back Conor Sullivan into her life, as he becomes the prime suspect due to circumstantial evidence. 

MidnightBetrayal-Reveal-MelindaLeigh-Aug 2014

As Conor and Louisa wage their own investigation into the killings to clear Conor’s name, they battle immense attraction for each other as their insecurities and betrayal from the past holds them hostage to accept what the present is offering to take the relationship into a future. Two characters etched to perfection with impeccable imperfections!

Melinda Leigh did a brilliant job of narrating the story with so much passion and suspense; you forget that you are reading a book. Not even once does she give us a whiff of a hint as to who the killer may be. Not until you reach the last few pages of the thriller, the evil is revealed!!! She’s done such a great job of holding the interest of the readers to the very last word, and it is no mean achievement.

The whole essence of a good thriller rests on maintaining the suspense, an element of surprise and the tone of guessing in every page, and Melinda has exploited all those to the fullest extent. From her first book “She Can Hide” to her latest, “Midnight Betrayal”, she has progressed into an amazing writer of romantic suspense and thrillers.

Midnight Betrayal is a page-turner with a story rich in excitement and anticipation, deceptive and malicious, endurance and support, love and passion. 

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.


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