Book 6 of her infamous “She Can Series” starts off with an explosion in Argentina and brings us to the US along with Christopher and his daughter Lucia. As an assassin and son-in-law of a powerful arms dealer, circumstances bring Cristan to the US to make a safe haven for his daughter and give her a normal life.

As we all know, the past always catches up with the present if there’s no closure and secrets tend to cause rifts between loved ones, Putting roots in Westbury, Pennsylvania may be the best for his daughter, but his past catches all his loved ones and friends in the crossfire of a lady bent on revenge. And Cristan Rojas would do anything to protect his family and the woman he has come to love in his present life.


Sarah is trying to make a new life with her two young toddlers, after divorcing her abusive husband. Feelings for Cristan give her hope for a better future, and her love for his daughter only strengthens her faith that she may have a happy ending. But a demented ex-husband can’t seem to let go of her, and Cristan’s past may actually put Sarah in the path of danger and death.

“She Can Kill” has so much happening with enough suspense to last until the last page. I loved the ending of this story – there may be bad people in the world, but sometimes they do have a streak of humanity in them. Circumstances and family background may give them their identity, but what they choose to become as an adult is the choice they make.

Melinda Leigh has become one of the top suspense writers and has become on of my favorites to read. I love her attention to details as well as how well she connects the past and the present, bring together the chemistry of family and friends with unwritten support and help. Emotions in place, danger every minute, love trying to survive, Melinda blends a spectrum of death to love in a brilliant narration of “She Can Kill.”

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance/Amazon Publishing via Net Galley for an honest review.