From the publication of her very first book “When You Are Ready” to her latest “Forgetting August”, Jennifer L. Berg has become an illustrious writer molding raw into a finesse of penning a story. She’s become very eloquent in her narration, and description of emotions and keeps every character in her heart and writes with her soul. Many instances, interesting sub-plots, timelines and details, not an easy task for any writer and Berg has managed to foray into the limelight as a bestseller and looks like she will stay there.


A simple story of two people so much in love and yet their lives fall apart into pieces around them. There’s nothing more terrible than waking up from a coma with no memories and losing your self to a world that has gone by while you were sleeping. August Kincaid wants to hold onto that one piece of his past, Everly to find himself and the person Everly has come to hate. As much as he wants her back, he’ll do anything to keep Everly safe, even if it means letting her go.

For Everly, life’s given her a chance at a future that could have all been hers, yet that one phone call stating August was awake, sends her into a roller-coaster of feelings that she wants buried. But then fate has a different plan for her and her destiny seems to be the dangerous August. Oscillating between feelings of fear and love for August, Everly has to choose the path that would keep her heart happy and this time running away may not be the answer.

But then sometimes second chances can be deadly and a heart betrayed may not recover.…forever! And August Kincaid may lose the very breath of his life in trying to find himself.

“Forgetting August” is book one of J.L Berg’s new series “Lost And Found”. Rich with emotions of love and hatred, desperation and helplessness, hope and faith, Jennifer takes the readers on a ride filled with raw needs and craving for a love that can be the death of a relationship.She did a fabulous job of portraying two individuals with a bucketload of need and pain, love and passion and the million things that can break a couple and the consequences of their actions. Yet she fills the pages with a glimmer of hope that love can be rekindled, with the uncertainties and the fears of a normal human.


Jennifer leaves us with Everly trying very hard in”Forgetting August”, but then it’s time for August Kincaid to start “Remembering Everly” and see if fate can give him a third chance at love….come spring time.

Received an ARC for an honest review.