Anyone who’s read Samantha Chase’s last Montgomery book knows that we got a glimpse of Zach Montgomery and his life and his right hand lady Gabriella and her life within the Montgomery business. And let’s not forget the matchmaking uncles and their manipulative plans to push their kids in the right direction of love.

What can I say about Zach Montgomery? An athlete and a successful businessman on a constant run, he is virile, strong and never is dependent anyone. Living by his own rules and getting things much easy than most others, a mountain climbing accident leaves him numb, dependent and totally out of control. Never having to ask for help, the situation only makes him a grouch and uses his disability to push away his family and friends.


Gabriella has been working long enough with Zach to know his every move and the torment he is going through. But she can be equally stubborn and tenacious to help Zach get his life back into control. Patience and love for Zach motivates her even further to war off the meanness that Zach seems to throw at her.

Samantha Chase does a brilliant job characterizing a strong man who goes through pain and helplessness, mental and physical torment, the long journey of recovery and the emotional upheaval he finds himself in. You want to help him, kill him, shake him and knock his head with a baseball bat to have him see and listen to some sense, but then that is the amazing writing of Chase.

Gabriella will want to make us cry and hug her at the same time, give her pep talks and tell her to find someone worthy of her, she makes us proud of her individuality and loyalty, hope and faith that things will get better. She is an amazingly strong and loving woman who values family and ethics, friendship and relationships, and never gives up on things or people that she cares for life.

And there you have it. “I’ll Be There” is another entertaining story of a Montgomery brother, who really has to work hard to get the love of his life, and gain back her trust to have a future with a promise to be there forever. And Samantha Chase sure has grown leaps and bounds with each story she’s been weaving and wowing her readers.

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.