Savannah Stuart is one of the best writers of short novellas. She keeps the screenplay tight, the suspense close, danger on the edge and passion scorching as the fire. No matter how short her stories are she leaves not much room for missing key elements.


“Dangerous Deception” is just that. – a short story of evil and betrayal, passion and love. A fight to save herself from death and a mad killer, Sage Miller leaves a traumatic past and a one night of pure love and passion to make a new beginning. But then the past rears its ugly head along with her one nightstand, Trent Takoda.

Trent had been searching for Sage since the night they heated the sheets and the flames refuse to be doused even a bit. Finding Sage so close to home only increase his love for her and this ex-Navy SEAL is not letting a mad stalker take her away.

And as always her characters make an impact with their courage, integrity and chemistry that just makes us want more of them.

Another scorching, adrenaline pumping narration from Savannah Stuart, that is worth every penny!

Received a copy from KR Press LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.