This is one of he sweetest love stories I’ve read in recent times. Gorgeous and sexy fire chief meets the new citizen teacher of Montana…and all at once the meddling matchmakers has are busy making wedding plans!


Natalie Duncan moves to Montana for her first job as a teacher and is literally blown away by the winter magic of the town. Not used to the support and meddling of the charming people, Natalie finds herself falling in love with the town, its charm and the wonderful people living there. And the fire chief is busy keeping Natalie warm and toasted.

Hawk Winchester is the darling of the town and the perfect model citizen. Never one to say no to anyone, Hawk he can’t seem to resist the beauty of the new teacher in town nor can he resist rescuing her at every turn. Thrown together at every turn only makes his desire for Natalie getting stronger and he can’t wait to charm the pants off of her keep her beside him forever…safe in his arms.

Part of the anthology, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, Melody Anne gives her readers a super sweet story in “Safe In His Arms”, published now separately. Natalie and Hawk are just two wonderful people with big hearts that deserve all the love they can get. And Melody Anne writes one of her best romances, the pro that she is.

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocketbooks via Net Galley for an honest review.